Allergies and eyes

The past twenty four hours has been kinda rough on me. I have been having what seems to be an allergic reaction to something. My normal reactions to allergins, I am able to deal with, and they usually don’t impact my life like they have been. But, I have been dealing with red, painful, itchy, dry, sticky eyes. I normally don’t have this reaction to allergins. I do have issues with my eyes and light. All light not just the sun.

Anyways, back from that tangent. I was so miserable this morning, I had to go to urgent care.  Urgent  care was fine. They decided to treat me for allergies and pink eye. I don’t think I have pink eye, but if the eye drops help, I will take them for the week that was prescribed today.



Therapy and Healthcare

A few months ago, my therapist said he thought that he thought I didn’t need to be coming anymore. That I just needed case management. I was hesitent about it, but I agreed.

All of that came crashing down on me on Monday, when I had an epic meltdown. I broke down and made an appointment for yesterday at noon. My therapist said that he didn’t know how long the session was going to be due to the fact that he had screwed something up, and possibly could get fired cause of it.

I ended up feeling like he wasn’t fully listening and that he was preoccupied about what had happened that didn’t involve me.


I really felt and I told him that he was saying that my feelings weren’t valid. I really wish that I lived in a big city, or better yet, a country that has healthcare that actually would do something and help me have access to the resources that I need. I have medical needs that are in threat due to the government wanting to do away with the healthcare that is in place. I am not saying that it is perfect, but it is better than millions of people loosing the healthcare that they so desperatly need.

So, I don’t care where you are from, or how much you make, we all deserve our healthcare needs to be met.

Strangers and your kids…

Lately I have been seeing these social experiments about kids and talking to strangers, and just today, an experiment about the father being set up in a mock scenario where his son get abducted.. You can watch it here.


Please tell your kids that an adult will not ask them for help. It is okay for your kids to tell an adult that they don’t know no! It is okay for them to keep saying no and yelling for you until you get to them.


Our kids need to be taught to be careful, observant, and cautious. I feel that if they truly need help, like they get lost, they should know where to ask for help. Kids should know thtat not all adults are safe to talk to.


At the end of the day, get of your electronic devices, be a parent and watch your kids! Don’t just assume they know  not to talk to people that they don’t know. Be proactive, and teach them! You are the only Mommy and Daddy that they have. Even if they came to you unexpectedly, teach them!! Love them!

Anxiety makes it hard

Anxiety makes it hard for me to open up to people.  It is hard for me to keep writing about anything really. If you don’t struggle everyday with social anxiety, you are probably wondering why. And that is okay. And you probably are thinking why doesn’t she just get over it? That is okay too. 

There is a simple answe for that. I can’t “just get over it.”

Why? Because I can’t change part of my personality. Imagine trying to change your personality or something else that would be impossible to change. 

You learn to live with it, you learn coping skills. That is what I have to do every single day. I wake up, and sometimes have a hard time stepping out my front door just because I woke up, and I was overwhelmed already. 

Since I have been learning how to cope in therapy, I have had more good days than bad ones. 
Do I wish I was “normal”? Some days I do. But then I wouldn’t be able to show my boys how I can get better as a mom and as a person. I get to show them how even as an adult, you can learn, change, and always keep evolving into a better version of myself. 

Not required to share!

I have recently read a story where the Mother doesn’t make her son share his toys. I know what you are thinking. What?! Why would she not encourage to share?! She wants her son to be able to stand up for himself. Here is the link to the story. Read it!

I will do my best to summerize the story. Basically, she doesn’t tell her son he has to share with kids he doesn’t know at the park. On the occasion she posted about, her son brought toys to share with a friend at the park. When they arived, some other kids came over and wanted to play with the toys. Her son, got overwhelmed with this. But she told him he could tell them no.


In my opinion, I feel that by teaching her son to stand up for himself, she is teaching him more than how to stand up for himself. She is also teaching him boundaries, and to respect other. By respect I mean, if someone tells you no, then that is the end of it and he is to go on his way, and not tattle on them.



Well, every woman in the develpoed world will have come to a point in her life where she has had to make the decision about tampons. Why have we not been taught to ask questions about what they are made of? We are taught to ask and learn what is in our food, but why not our feminine products like pads and tampons?

I came across a video on facebook that brought this situation to my attention.

And it needs to be talked about. Because we matter. As sisters, mothers, and as human beings we matter.


No this is not a sponsored blog. I feel very strongly about talking about this. I would have never thought to research it on my own. Until tonight that is.

In part this blog is to get your attention, in part to get you talking about this. And also in part a review based solely on the video that I watched.


The company I have been talking about is called Lola. The website is Lola Tampons


From what I have seen, we need to get behind theses ladies, and support them. They will help change the now and the future.