Sunday 10/30/16

Today, was very long. I had forgot to take my meds this morning so little things were bothering me. I am thankfull for every day that I have.

I really should be asleep right now, but my head will not shut off. Having insomnia with my anxities, really is hard. But I have been slowly trying to get healthier. It is not easy. For a long time I was addicted to soda. But, with the help of my boyfriend, I rarely drink it now.

The next thing I want to work on giving up or at least cutting way back on my intake, is sugar. I know it is not going to be easy. It will probably be harder than soda.

Hopefully this week I will get around to writting about budgeting, and how I plan on making one, along with a weekly meal plan. I hate not knowing what is going to be made for dinner.

Good night, have a blessed slumber!

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