We are more…

So, I was just sitting here at work looking at Facebook. And I came across this video that tells of a man, whom has down syndrome. But he hasn’t let that get in his way of owning his own photography studio after graduating from college.

While I was watching it, I remembered something else I saw. I don’t remember where, but it was telling how we are much more than the labels we are given at birth. I want to expand on that.

I am much more than the labels of mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend, aunt. There are many people with those labels in the world. How can I stand out from them? How can you stand out from the people whom share whatever labels you share them with?

I love to cook, and take care of others. I do things very differently than my sisters and brothers. And I am glad that I don’t do things like them. I am thankful that I think differently then everyone else.

What do you have to offer that no one else does? You are the only one that thinks like you. You are the only one that feels like you do. Your opinions, and how you view the world are uniquely you.


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