Strangers and your kids…

Lately I have been seeing these social experiments about kids and talking to strangers, and just today, an experiment about the father being set up in a mock scenario where his son get abducted.. You can watch it here.


Please tell your kids that an adult will not ask them for help. It is okay for your kids to tell an adult that they don’t know no! It is okay for them to keep saying no and yelling for you until you get to them.


Our kids need to be taught to be careful, observant, and cautious. I feel that if they truly need help, like they get lost, they should know where to ask for help. Kids should know thtat not all adults are safe to talk to.


At the end of the day, get of your electronic devices, be a parent and watch your kids! Don’t just assume they know  not to talk to people that they don’t know. Be proactive, and teach them! You are the only Mommy and Daddy that they have. Even if they came to you unexpectedly, teach them!! Love them!


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