Depression and anxiety suck

Today I get to write from the dog park. I almost didn’t go out today. Why? Because I deal with depression and anxiety and they suck. They suck up all my extra energy. 
I’m constantly anxious and depressed. I am wanting to get better some days it is hard leaving the house. 
I am so happy that I brought Motley today. It isn’t often I can bring him without anyone else. I love being able to come with the family, but sometimes it is nice to be able to do my own thing. 
I love watching Motley trying to play. It doesn’t seem like he knows how to play with other dogs. But he tries. I’m so happy we rescued him. 

That is all for my ramblings for now. Thank you for reading! I hope you come back to read more!


We are more…

So, I was just sitting here at work looking at Facebook. And I came across this video that tells of a man, whom has down syndrome. But he hasn’t let that get in his way of owning his own photography studio after graduating from college.

While I was watching it, I remembered something else I saw. I don’t remember where, but it was telling how we are much more than the labels we are given at birth. I want to expand on that.

I am much more than the labels of mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend, aunt. There are many people with those labels in the world. How can I stand out from them? How can you stand out from the people whom share whatever labels you share them with?

I love to cook, and take care of others. I do things very differently than my sisters and brothers. And I am glad that I don’t do things like them. I am thankful that I think differently then everyone else.

What do you have to offer that no one else does? You are the only one that thinks like you. You are the only one that feels like you do. Your opinions, and how you view the world are uniquely you.

$1 Membership during April!!

Are you wanting to have a better way to clean your home? What about teaching your young children responsiblity?  What about vitamins that have been through two different studies and have patents?

Melaleuca products don’t come with child proof lids. Why? Because the products don’t have anything that can harm you or your family, so the lids don’t have to be child proof! There isn’t any fumes, so you don’t have to worry about making yourself sick while cleaning.



You can have all of this, with out leaving your home.You want to know how?


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I love Melaleuca. I think everyone should be using it. But not everyone that has tried it likes it like I do. Yes, people have had bad experiences with it. I think that is bound to happen with anything you try. Not everyone is going to have a great experience. And that is okay. What is important is that you try, and if you end up having a negative experience, and are truly unsatisfied, at least you know that you tried and gave it your best effort.

If you want to know more I can send you a link for a presentation to learn about this great company!!

If you have any questions ask away!!! I would love to hear from you about your interest, or your experience with Melaleuca, or any other company!! Even if the experience with Melaleuca was not so good, I invite you to come back and give it another try! Who knows, you might just have a better experience this time around.


So, my night job is at an assisted living facility. I am a Licsened Nursing Assistant. I love what I do, but the hours can really take it’s toll not on just me, but my family. I honestly can’t see my self doing anything else, unless it is staying at home and taking care of my family and working from there.


There are some nights that go by really fast, but other nights where it goes so slow. I take care of people with varing stages of Alzhimer’s and Dementia cases. So every day is different. Some nights I have residents whom are having a hard night sleeping, and others where everyone sleeps fine. I never know what is going to happen until it happens.



Sol U Mel

Oh my goodness!! The first time I tried Sol U Mel, I loved it so much! But at the time it only came in one scent. But now it comes in multiple. I just tried the lavender scent. It is wonderful! I can’t say enough about it.


It came in today!! I ordered my box and it came in! I am so excited! I didn’t order a lot, but it is a start. I honestly don’t know which item I am more excited for. 




DBT Group Therapy

So, I have been going to group therapy for about four weeks now. I don’t know if its helping me at all. Every week I have gone, it seems like we talk about other’s issues and give them feedback. But when I had brought up an issue I have been having, it just got lumped in with everything else.
Maybe I am over reacting. But I don’t see how group therapy iis suppose to help me. I don’t understand how it is suppose to be conducive to my recovery.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Recently I was diagnosed with BPD. Do I understand it? No, not really. But that is okay. But that doesn’t mean I am okay with not knowing or understanding it. 

Knowing is its own curse. Knowing iis sometimes harder than not knowing. I do know that I will get through this. Will I be cured? No, but I will be able to learn how to live with it. 
If you have this, know that you are not alone. What you go through, it is normal for us. We are not broken.
If you know someone with BPD, love them. Yes it is hard to not to fully understand what your loved one is going through, but that is okay too.


If you work in any type of place that deals with kids, or if you are a parent, you will be able to understand better than those who don’t.

Kids are strange and interesting little creatures. So curious about everything. I am so happy that I am a mother. But I still have my days where I want to pull out all of my hair. But I also go to the other end, and doubt that I am a good parent and I am sure that I am messing up my boys.

My weren’t planned at all. But I am so happy that I have them. I love being able to see them discovering things and learning how thinks work. I would never change when I had them. I am so happy that they are seven years apart.

I only wish I had more friends who had kids around the same age as my own. But hopefully I will be able to make more friends.